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With the Design-Build procurement method, Cadence is responsible for the development of the design, permitting and construction. We will handle all design from the original preliminary site surveys to the final permit documents. This will include but is not limited to:  soil investigation reports, civil engineering, architectural engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and interior design.  Cadence will expedite and coordinate all building and utility permits.  Our team engages with specialized subcontractors and vendors with many years of successful similar past performance bringing enhanced construction feasibility, value engineering, and cost data distribution to maintain project budgets and schedules.

Design Build


Utilizing this procurement technique, Cadence forms a collaborative team with the owner, architect/engineers, and specialized subcontractors to complete project design, develop project costs, and to construct the project.  Similar to Design-Build, each team member expertly evaluates and contributes to constructability and cost factors.


Low Bid

In this project procurement method, the owner and their design team will complete construction documents and send out for competitive cost proposals.  Some owners feel more comfortable with this method as it assures them they are getting the lowest possible cost.

Even in this type of project procurement approach, if Cadence is the low bidder, we can assure you that we will form a team with the owner and architect and bring our expertise as contractors to make it a successful project.

Low Bid
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